Employee Mobility
for Sma| Companies

Sustainable companies move their people using shared and electric vehicles, including cars & micro-mobility for happier and healthier employees, while reducing fleet operating and maintenance costs and contributing to an overall better world

We offer an all-in-one solution: vehicle connectivity and IoT technology, white-label mobile apps for employees, a service management portal (i.e. responsive back office) and a data analytics dashboard for operators to monitor and optimize your fleet usage across any mobility use case (e.g. business trips, private usage)

We have everything so you
don't have to worry about anything

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Combine sharing, on-demand, scheduled, or with driver

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Mobility & Micromobility

Deploy any brand cars, scooters, bikes, and kickscooter

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Optimize your fleet based on demand and utilization ratio

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Customize our white label app with your corporate identity

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Operate all your vehicles without key via mobile app

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Connect your employees database or other systems

End-to-end means eeennd to eeeenddd

Giravolta has all the features you need: white label mobile app, fleet management and operation backoffice, data analytics, and connectivity for all types of vehicles. But that's not all! We can also help you with vehicles, maintenance, cleaning, operations and recharging

Less CO2, More O2

Less CO2
More LO2VE

Contribute to a better world while reducing costs, generating more business and attracting more talent. Shifting to a connected and shared electrical employee mobility (bus on demand, cars, scooters, bikes, and kick-scooters) will reduce significantly your company CO2 emissions.

Start Reducing CO2
The vehicles you need: no more, no less

Pay only for the vehicles
you need: no more, no less

Reduce the cost of your employee mobility by stop using dedicate management cars and introduce the sharing different types of vehicles. With Giravolta, you will know exactly which vehicle you need based on their real utilization.

Start Reducing Costs
Healthier Employees

Healthier Employees

By adding shared electrical bikes you will contribute to your employees health by keeping them active during office hours.

Start Improving Employees Health
Socially Responsible Bus on Demand

Socially Responsible
Ride-hailing & Ride-sharing

Hire or relocate employees in risk of social exclusion as drivers, fleet managers or maintenance for our ride-hailing and ride-sharing solutions.

Start Improving Society
Make your vehicles fleet work for you

Your vehicles as
an employee benefit

Your vehicles can work for your company even after work hours. By offering to your employees the chance to take a vehicle for personal use during the weekends or non-work time, you will monetize your fleet to reduce its cost and you will increase the employee satisfaction by offering such great perks.

Start Sharing Your Fleet
Don't have vehicles? We provide them!

Don't have vehicles?
We provide them!

We have great partners who can offer high quality, durable, and sustainable light and heavy vehicles such as electric kick-scooters, electric bikes, electric scooters, electric cars, and electric minibuses so you don't have to worry about anything.

Start Moving Employees
Already have dumb vehicles? We connect them!

Have only dumb vehicles?
We connect them!

Move your existing dumb fleet into a smart connected fleet. Our technology allows to connect any existing vehicle you may already have for your employees: kick-scooters, bikes, motos, and cars. With a connected fleet, we can analyse the usage of it and recommend you the best product mix for having a happier, healthier, more productive, and more sustainable company.

Start Connecting Vehicles

Success Stories

Companies all over the world are benefiting from shifting to a connected and shared fleet. They save money by reducing the management fleet. They are more sustainable by using electric mobility.

Customers love Giravolta

There are limitless use cases to improve the live of salespeople, controllers, production engineers, maintenance and security people, HR people, and Corporate Social Responibility managers. Let's build your story together!

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